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Zoo Sells Lions to African Trophy Hunting Park

A German zoo, the Serengeti-Park Hodenhagen, has sold three lions to a South African park known for offering inexperienced hunters the opportunity to join professionals in a hunt. Under CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora), African lions are endangered but not threatened. As such, African Lions do not benefit from the strict protections on import and export of species threatened with extinction. But a potential exporter must still present a “non-detriment finding” and have a permit for the export. What will become of the lions in Africa?316digg

According to reports in the German news daily Tagesspiegel, the owner of the Serengeti Park, Fabrizio Sepe, was assured after the German Ministry for the Protection of Nature contacted their partners in South Africa: the animals would be used only for photo-safaris and breeding programs, it was promised. But that has not calmed animal protection groups, who are advocating for stronger protection against zoo animals being sold for breeding if successive generations will be deliberately used to attract people to the sport of killing big cats.

Advocates of the practice of “canned hunting” argue that breeding lions to be killed serves to protect animals in the wild. After all, there are people out there still seeking to prove their prowess in the "pinnacle of African Dangerous Game hunting", (quote from a hunter’s forum where the fear of up-listing lions reigns). But the fact is that this booming trade is becoming desperate for “new blood” as successive generations of captive-bred lions become increasingly inbred.

The lions from the German zoo boast thick, black manes — a prized trait in the stuffed souvenir which, as a CITES Appendix II listed species, can still be imported legally back home to support bragging rights. Bragging rights which might inspire the next bold hunter to make the long trip to the home of a fast-fading symbol of lost wilderness, where he too may test his luck.

It is this vicious cycle that puts animal activists in opposition to “canned hunting:” making a popular, even “safe,” sport out of lion hunting puts pressure on the animals left in the wild — either in the form of poaching trophies in the wild or because animals are taken from wild populations for breeding to support hunting farms. Experts estimate that only 23,000 lions remain in the wild on the African continent


ok, so a friend had posted that she wants to front a band… and have it be something like kingdom or foundation… both are bands that i never got into… anyhoo, the bold was a anonymous reply (no backbone) and then after that is my response to the anon through her ask box

Bro, if you were to ‘front’ in a band, it wouldn’t be anything like Foundation or Kingdom. You’re a girl. You have limited choices. You can pick from the sounds of A: Paramore and/or Versa Emerge. Or B: some super shitty metal gril band like Kitty or Flyleaf. Silly little girl. You have no rights.

i will fist fight that anon that talked that absolute nonsense about girls fronting bands… if you see this anon… hit me up fuckhead.

fucking stupid fuck jock mentality like that is what ruins hardcore… take your shirt off, hit your friends, party hard, and fuck tons of girls… that’s what hardcore is all about to you fucking retards… i started going to shows probably around the time you were born, or at least still shitting in your diapers… it makes me sick to know that i’m associated with dickheads like you.

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oh, and hold your own shit at shows, girl’s aren’t coat racks…
oh, and if you grow some balls and reply to this to me, don’t be fucking anon…
ok, sooooo this is the reason i can’t be bothered going to shows anymore. i feel like this it the typical old man hardcore speech but now i know why i heard it when i was young, and know i’m saying it… FUCK!!! i don’t want to even be in the same room as at anon. let alone people associated me with him/her, well lets face it it’s a him for sure. fuck that!!! this is long and no one is going to read it but i don’t give a fuck. kids need to wake the fuck up! hardcore isn’t about fucking forming little crews to fight other crews and get venues shut down, it’s not about looking up to courage crew and fsu dudes and emulating their actions… it’s not even about being cool enough for the older kids to like you. it’s about being fucked up all the time and not having an outlet. it’s about screaming your fucking head off to band who’s lyrics are saying everything you mean to say but can’t find the right words. Being in a basement with 50 kids sweating and having the times of their lives. take your bullshit, misogynist attitude and dance in front of a mirror to hatebreed. don’t leave the house… EVER…

New rule… No black flag tattoo, no black flag shirt…

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animal testing billboard

A pro-animal testing group has placed a billboard in Seattle, Washington in an attempt to frame the vivisection debate as a choice between saving children or saving rats.

The billboard has a picture of smiling child and a white rat and reads “who would you rather see live?” The ad deliberately places a break in the word “rather” to appear as “rat her.”

This a false argument that is meant to lead people into a philosophical debate removed from the actual scientific facts about animal testing. In reality, we are not faced with the choice of killing rats or allowing children to die. One does not have to die so the other can live.

No proof exists that animal models are better than computer, synthetic, or human models. A spokesman from anti-vivisection group PCRM told ABC newsthat “the billboard perpetuates an unproven premise that animals are essential to advancing human health.” He added, “90 percent of drugs that worked on animals failed in human trials.”

The billboard, if anything, is a sign that community support for animal testing is slipping and that vivisectors are going to keep spending millions on ad campaigns just to save face.

Uh, sick. Scum!!!!

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this makes change… 
voting does not.

this makes change… 

voting does not.

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I think tumblr should let you post as anon but really tell the person who you are twice a month. but do it randomly. really keep the fuckers on their toes. hahaha

i see soooo much anon shit talk on my friend’s pages. in reality i think it upsets me more than them…

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